Saturday, 13 July 2013

What's The plan

Every Successful venture starts with a plan.
"The future to your success lies in your daily routine."
-Mike Murdock (i think, LOL)

Hello Lovelies:

Me again!!!!! 
Here to remind you that in order to see results you MUST plan & execute.
Create a visual, a schedule of the things you want to do daily that will produce the success.
What ever it is you want to achieve you have to be consistent in it and a schedule is one way to help you stay committed.

Every strong building, has a firm foundation. Your schedule is the foundation of your house. When the foundation in a house is not STABLE it's only a matter of time that the whole structure falls apart. 
What is it that you want to commit to that will improve your overall development? Maybe it's your studies, spiritual life or health. These are the things you would want to center activities around and incorporate on a schedule.

My schedule compromises of my mornings starting with my devotions with my kids, then progress to breakfast with my kids where we further chat and get to hear each others personalities. My blogs and network page is the climax of my schedule & where I spend most of my time. Each day on my schedule has something different until my week allots time to the things I value most which is my external relationships & family, my passion & work (YOU), my health and MOST importantly God.

In essence people should be able to view your weekly routine and see your vision and whats important to you. On your way to success, remember: exact a plan and commit. People will commit to you when they see YOU commit to YOU.

Stay Tuned for more.................

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