Friday, 15 July 2011

Be Motivated.

Be at Peace with you,
See, there's a light shining through.
It's radiance bestows on on you the sight you need to recognise YOU!

There are things you may not like,
Dont you fret, It's Alright!!!!
You can change it,
Re-arrange it,
Re-prioritise it.

It's Alright, You're going to MAKE IT!
Dont let situations break you, BREAK IT!
Dont fold up in a shell embrace IT!!

CHALLENGES are life's exercise that build the muscles of UNCOMPROMISE,
RELENTLESS is the desired attribute, best suited when you are in PURSUIT!
Dont give up what you really want for what you WANT RIGHT NOW.
No Pain, No Game,
No game, No Power,
No Power, No Purpose,
No Purpose, No Pleasure
~~~~Be Motivated~~~
From: London with Love<3

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