Friday, 12 July 2013

Being A Whole and Finished Woman

Hello Lovelies

Reformation is a challenging experience for any woman coming for a debase or adverse past. On your way to a NEW YOU, you must believe that the results you want CAN happen.. Stay consistent and committed to your change. No matter how many mistakes you make or relapses you have keep pressing toward your goal.

Here are a few factors that are crucial in helping you achieve this goal of a New You

1. Let go of your past:
     You must be willing to let go of the things that turned you into this unwanted personality. It may be friends, certain environments and abusive situations. Look in the mirror and say to yourself: "today is the day I become a NEW woman, I'm on my way to greatness". Forgive the people that have disappointed you, abused and misused you and even misguided you. You may have been molested, raped or battered, but you DON'T have to be a sum total of the environment you that your were subjected to.

2. Know who you want to become & be mentored:
   There are lots of fore runners, women and men that leaped from abstract poverty and adverse situations that can help you. The question is "who am I now?" the answer may be harsh but guess what it will help you to know who you want to become. You may be loud, promiscuous, lazy, untidy or just idle with no sense of direction. You may be a crowd follower, hiding your potentials just to fit in. Form an identity. Write a list of what it is that you can improve and want to change, then seek out a mentor to help you. Study successful people and pattern after them.

3.Meet new people, make meaningful friends:
  There are always insightful meaningful events going on in the community, they are constantly blasted over the social medias. Get a nice classy outfit or if you have to borrow something from a friend. Invest in events that will bring you into the circles that are conducive to the change you want to see. Make yourself acquainted, strike up a conversation exchange contacts. You will be surprise to know how a different flavor and class of people will broaden your mindset and stimulate your passions. If you want a new mind you need new conversations. The friends that had you idle and making no sense at all will have to take shelf for awhile until you are built up and strong enough to impact them. Assure that the people around you can keep you accountable, there's an old saying in The Bahamas that's goes.."take your business to Jesus, he won't tell anyone", but we know God gives us good connections for the purpose of accountability, be sure that your confidant is mature and focused and wants to see your success.

Stay tuned into this blog for more tips...On my way to success I want you to succeed as well.
Have a Lovely Day!

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