Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'm brilliant, confident, sexy and smart!
I can stick up a pinkie at tea and retire at the end of the day with fart!!!
I'm cool, I'm Fun, I'm Spontaneous!
I center myself when I have to then I'd spur of the moment hop a bus......
take a ride to nowhere, experience eveywhere and reach a sign that says you're Now-here,
with a sparklie arrow pointing to success!
I like Pizza, I like Spaghetti, I like fine wine and the way it gets me!
I conversate with the elites, and clown around with the thugs, I AM SUPER-ME,
Multi-lingual, diverse, I can reach any and every one..........
with the message of hope that keeps dreams alive,
with the message of love that never dies,
with the message of peace that lets ill things be,
I must not conform, I must remain being me!

I cant be who you want me to be I can only be me! 
Crazy, Sexy, Cool

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